What to Expect from a Physical Exam

What your doctors in Woodbridge want you to knowphysical exam

There are many reasons you might need a physical examination. Whether you are beginning a new sport, going on a new diet, or you just want to have a yearly check-up to make sure you are healthy, these are all good reasons to have a physical exam. Your doctors at Woodbridge Primary Care in Woodbridge, VA want you to know what you can expect when you come in for your physical exam.

Your doctors will first ask for your complete medical history including:

  • Any serious medical conditions or diseases you currently have
  • Any hospitalizations including dates and reasons for hospitalization
  • Any allergies to medications or other triggers
  • Any medications you currently take, including dosage

Your doctors will also want to know if you are current on vaccinations, including pneumonia and the flu. If there are any vaccinations you are interested in, be sure and let your doctors know.

Your doctors will ask about your lifestyle, including:

  • Whether you use tobacco products or drink alcohol
  • Whether you exercise regularly
  • Whether you eat a healthy diet
  • Whether you are sexually active

Your doctors will then check your vital signs including:

  • Your temperature
  • Your heart and respiration rates
  • Your blood pressure

After recording your height and weight, your doctors will examine your body, looking for any signs of illness, disease, injury, or abnormalities. They will check:

  • Your lungs and heart
  • Your neck and head
  • Your skin and nails
  • Your nerves and reflexes
  • Your balance

After a thorough physical exam, your doctors will discuss the results and their recommendations with you. This is a perfect opportunity for you to ask questions about your health and what you can do to stay healthy.

A regular physical examination is a vital part of maintaining a healthy body. You need to stay healthy so you can fully enjoy your life. For more information about physicals and other primary care services, call your doctors at Woodbridge Primary Care in Woodbridge, VA today!